How to remove Alfa Romeo 147 passenger door card

Tools needed

Screw and bolt locations

Remove bottom screws first.

Use small flat ended screw driver to remove covering clip

Use philips screws driver to remove scew

To remove use one hand to pull open door handle and the other to pull cover out.

To remove tweeter twist anti clock-wise.

To remove door handle gromit with out damaging handle (new gromit available from dealer)

Screw into gromit with screw driver (you can start yourself off by hammering it in).

Pull out using pliers.

Undo hex bolt from hole.

Remove window switch by prising up using scew driver then lift out
and undo hex bolt underneath.

Push dont on clip then pull out.

Pull door card from the bottom to unclip it from the door.

Lift door card up to remove from door (sometimes a little tap with your hand from the bottom is needed).